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Trados Studio

In addition to linguistic and technical knowledge, our employees have the know-how to use translation tools efficiently.

There are three main advantages to using translation tools:

1. Price saving
During the translation process, source sentences and their translations are stored in the background as so-called translation units by the translation memory program and the data is linked together. The database built up during this process is known as the translation memory.


When manuals are updated, the translation price can be drastically reduced, since often only parts of the new manual have been changed. The parts already present in the previous version are usually already present in the translation memory and only need to be checked briefly and then inserted. This “leveraging” can lead to cost savings of 30% to 70% as we grant discounts for the repetitions.

2. Consistent terminology
Translation tools ensure that consistent terminology is used throughout all materials to be translated. This ensures less confusion of the reader due to different terms being used to describe the same thing.

3. Shortened processing time
Parts that already exist in the translation memory must be briefly checked again and then inserted. The bottom line: the translator needs considerably less time to translate an instruction manual.