Translation of technical documentation

We translate handbooks, instruction manuals and other technical documentation into all major languages.The software format is up to you.

During the entire translation procedure, we employ a Translation Memory program to guarantee the usage of consistent terminology throughout the entire document.During the translation process, the Translation Memory program creates a translation memory (TM) which serves as a basis for future translation projects.

The processing of handbook updates using the translation memory initially created during the first translation will be faster and, in addition, more economical.If the instruction manual translated by us is just slightly altered in parts for a different model of a similar machine, we can translate this manual using the TM created during the first translation faster and more economically.

We can prepare your company terminology for the usage with our Translation Memory program by aligning already existing source handbook contents with the corresponding target language segments. In other words, sentences in the source and target language are aligned with each other and saved as translation units and these can later be exported as a Translation Memory specifically designed for your company’s future usage.