Schofield&Partner is a service provider specialized in translating. Our linguistically proficient experts (professional engineers, degreed physicists, chemists, physicians, pharmacists and specialized translators) use their language talents to carry the essence of your complex technical, medical, pharmaceutical and scientific patent documents into the desired target language. And this with the highest degree of expertise.

Each translated patent is proofread by an expert proofer possessing the knowledge appropriate to the subject matter. Not only the content is correct but also the patent-specific language formulations are observed. The translation is finally checked for proper language, sentence structure and patent formatting.

Patent translations require a very specialized approach to attain maximum comprehension and fidelity to the original’s detail. Many years of patent translation experience have taught us what content and formulation elements make up a quality patent translation.

Our reference list contains wellknown and respected companies and each year the list grows. All jobs are treated with the necessary confidentiality.