Specialized Translations

We have many years of experience handling complex language projects which are simultanously translated into many languages. We know how to use translation tools efficiently.

To optimize the translation process, we employ CAT programs. This guarantees consistent terminology compliance and this, in turn, leads to cost reductions.

Only highly qualified translators can create professional translations. Due to the breathtaking speed of technological advances, highly diverse new words, abbreviations and technical terms are coined nearly everyday. The translation of a specialized document true-to-detail and precisely into another language requires a high caliber of linguistic skills and stylistic sensitivity. Besides extensive technical competence and an exact knowledge of the current use of language, professional translators nowadays must also know how to employ technical tools during the workflow process.

What is a translation memory and how does our translation memory program function?

During the translation process, source sentences and their respective translations are saved in the background as so-called translation units by the translation memory program. The respective data sets are paired to each other.The resulting database is called a TM (translation memory).

When the translator enters a sentence into the translation memory program, the software compares this new sentence to be translated with the already existing translation units in the TM.If the same or similar source sentences are found, the translation memory program suggests these with the corresponding paired translation saved in the memory and the translator can accept this with a click of his mouse.

On one hand, the usage of a translation memory program helps to maintain consistent terminology througout the document and on the other hand it speeds up the translation process.In cases of updates of instruction manuals, the translation cost can thus be drastically reduced because, in general, only parts of the manual are changed.The unchanged sections in the new version of the instruction manual are contained in the translation memory and only need to be quickly checked and then inserted.As a consequence, cost savings ranging from 30% to 70% can be achieved.