We localize software of all types. We are specialized in carrying out extensive localization projects into several languages. Localization not only involves straight-forward translation, it also deals with adapting the material to the customs, standards, rules and culture of the target country.

Our service spectrum comprises:



  • Translation of user interfaces, such as menu commands, drop-down lists, dialog box elements etc.

  • Translating, compiling and testing of online help.

  • Translation of handbooks and miscellaneous software accompanying materials.

  • Consistent use of translation memory programs.


During the entire translation procedure – be it either localization of program data or translation of a manual – we employ a Translation Memory program that breaks both the source language text and target language texts into segments and saves these in a database (translation memory). If a text passage repeats or is similar to another passage encountered later on during translation, the Translation Memory suggests a possible translation stored in the database.

Advantages of translation memory programs

Among the advantages of using CAT (computer assisted translation) tools is the guarantee of consistent terminology throughout all materials to be translated. For example, it can be assured that the German term “abbrechen” is translated consistently in English as “cancel” and not sometimes as “quit” or “stop”, etc. Another critical advantage is the cost savings during updates. If the results of our automated analysis indicate a high degree of repetition when compared to the contents of a client-specific Translation Memory, then a rebate will be arranged during the localization of updated software or manuals.