High quality and strict quality control

Our quality assurance is based on DIN 2345 and satisfies the highest quality demands.

A translation should be so well executed that the reader believes he’s reading the original text. Unfortunately, this is not always the case because translation tasks are often delegated to unqualified people. Translation is a profession, one which requires a university education, expertise in the relevant field and intimate acquaintance with the source and target languages. A novice simply leafing through a bilingual dictionary will not achieve the optimal goal of an expertly phrased translation.

We translate texts by means of the 4-eyes principle. The translator finishes the translation and then an independent proofreader checks the file once again in regards to grammar, spelling and typesetting (editing). Other than with the 4-eye principle, we additionally have the translation checked by an experienced project manager who has also managed the entire work order starting with order entry all the way to delivery of the finished translation. Our translation price includes proofreading.